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▲Basic information of the company

Legal representative of Yunnan Radford Technology Co., Ltd.: Li Wen, female, undergraduate, chairman of Yunnan Radford Technology Co., Ltd.

▲Enterprise development history

In June 2000, Li Jingmin and his lover Xu Hong founded Anning Shengshida Chemical Co., Ltd. with a production scale of 2,000 tons per year. It is the first domestic industrialized production and export enterprise of "sodium trimetaphosphate" products. After 6 years of operation, it cooperated with Hubei Xingfa (Group) to establish a joint venture company.

In March 2017, Li Jingmin and his lover Xu Hong founded Kunming Alderweiss Chemical Co., Ltd. with Xu Hong as the legal representative. Established to keep pace with international quality standards and application levels, develop innovative ideas for phosphates, start research, production, and sales, and innovate in the application of special phosphates that are synchronized with international quality standards and application levels.

In August 2008, due to relocation, Li Jingmin, his lover Xu Hong and daughter Li Wen established an affiliated company in Haikou Industrial Park, Haikou Town, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Laidefu Technology Co., Ltd. The legal representative was Li Jingmin. Utilize independent intellectual property rights to research, produce and sell phosphate products that meet international quality standards and application levels. Affiliated company, Kunming Audeweis Chemical Co., Ltd., is engaged in chemical production, sales and operation, and turns into import and export trade.


In November 2021, the legal representatives of the two affiliated companies will all be served by their daughter Li Wen.

▲Enterprise GMP production environment

Brand Culture and Honor

Brand concept: different effects of the same product

Brand advantage: independent intellectual property rights, reflecting the higher value of products

Enterprise honor awards:

a. Kunming Xishan Science Invention First Prize

b. The third prize of Kunming Xishan Science Invention Award

c. The third prize of patent in Yunnan Province

d. High-tech enterprises

e. Small and medium technology

f. The 2nd China Quality Brand Pioneer Forum "China Goldsmith Award. Ingenuity Brand Gold Award" 3.15 China Famous Food Promotion Brand

g. National Quality Credit Benefit 3.15 Commitment Reassured Unit

h.2019 Brand Power. Top 100 Innovative Enterprises

i. Outstanding Contribution Award for Management Innovation with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

j.2019 Innovation China Annual Influential Enterprise


Address: Haikou Industrial Park, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

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