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We firmly develop the concept that takes human resources as the primary resource; follow the principle of “respecting talent value, developing talent virtue, enabling talent growth”; achieve common growth of employees and the company in one direction based on human.

While pursuing the goal of “growing by talents”, we gather talents from all over the world to continuously optimize the human resource system of Addiphos and build a talent team that is moral, competent, staunch, engaged, pragmatic, innovative, honesty, responsible, and outstanding in performance.

Build a fairly competitive and ability-based environment for the all-round development of talents who are “both morally and aptitudinally outstanding on the inside and outside”.

Create a talent cultivation and development mechanism that provides a platform for doers, opportunities for innovation, room for development, and returns for contributions.

·Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co., Ltd

Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co., Ltd We are a high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales of special food phosphates. Having been engaged in the export of high-end special-purpose phosphates for nearly two decades, we are a raw phosphate supplier of many well-known multinational companies. Addiphos has been known as a famous food phosphate brand of China for its home-grown proprietary technologies, and is also posing renowned brand effect across the globe.


Address: Haikou Industrial Park, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

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