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Congratulations to the official launch of the website of Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Addiphos Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Addiphos) is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales of special food phosphates. Having been engaged in the export of high-end special-purpose phosphates for nearly two decades, we are a raw phosphate supplier of many well-known multinational companies. Addiphos has been known as a famous food phosphate brand of China for its home-grown proprietary technologies, and is also posing renowned brand effect across the globe.


As one of the natural ingredients of almost all kinds of food, phosphate is widely used in food processing as an important food ingredient and functional additive.

Uses and dosages of several food-grade phosphates

Uses of sodium tripolyphosphate: In the food industry, it is mainly used as the quality improver of canned food, dairy products, fruit juice drinks and soy milk; the water-retaining agent and tenderizer of meat products such as ham and luncheon meat; in aquatic product processing, it can not only retain water in and tenderize products, but can also swell and bleach them; it can soften beans in cans; it can also be used as water softener, chelating agent, PH regulator and thickener in the beer industry. The dosage of sodium tripolyphosphate is generally 3-5‰ in food processing, and 3% in aquatic product processing, which sees the maximum dosage.

Application of Phosphate in Food Processing

Classification: Phosphates can be divided into orthophosphate and polycondensed phosphate: orthophosphates refer to various salts of orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4), including M3PO4, M2HPO4, MH2PO4 (M is a monovalent metal ion). Orthophosphates are heated, dehydrated, and condensed to form polycondensed phosphates. Its general formula is Mn+2PnO3n+1, where M represents a monovalent metal ion and n represents the number of phosphorus atoms. When the value of n is large, the limit chemical formula of polycondensed phosphate is MnPnO3n. The various salts of pyrophosphoric acid are called pyrophosphate, namely M4P2O7. The various salts of triphosphoric acid are called tripolyphosphate, namely M5P3O10. The condensed phosphates whose molecules contain more than 3 phosphorus atoms are collectively called polyphosphates, and the number of OPO bonds in molecules is called the chain length of polyphosphates. The molecular formula of metaphosphate is (MPO3)n, which can be roughly divided into cyclic metaphosphate, insoluble metaphosphate and metaphosphate glass (this substance is actually a mixture between chain polyphosphates with a chain length of more than 10 and a small amount cyclic metaphosphates).
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