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Addiphos NV 100

Addiphos NV 100 is a high efficient "calcium" leavening acid blend of monocalcium phosphate and acid calcium pyrophosphate, Neutralization value (NV) can reach above 100, Calcium (Ca) content ≥ 17%.

It is the optimal choice for aluminium-free, functional alternative to sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP). 

It doesn’t only help you to remove the aluminum content from your recipe,but also offer the same application and extra calcium supplement.


● NV value > 100

● NV100-20 is the 1:1 replacement for SALP, a healthier SALP replacer. 

● NV100-28/40 is 1.4-1.5 times more efficient than SAPP28/40

● ROR range: 20/28/40

● ROR is consistent with international brand products.


◆ No aluminum

◆ Dual nutritional sources of calcium and phosphorus

◆ 1:1 replacement of sodium aluminum phosphate while ensuring more adequate gas production

◆ The final product has a better structure and is less prone to collapse.