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Rice & Noodle processing

Increase the flour grade, increase the gluten of the flour thus forming a mesh structure and improving elasticity.

Seafood processing

It can be quickly dissolved in different concentrations of brine water;It can still maintain the natural flavor 、preventing browning of seafood products and reduce soap flavor while ensuring high productive.

Meat processing

High, medium and low viscosity products can improve the emulsification and elasticity of the products.It can maintain the natural flavor of meat products and reduce soapiness and astringency while ensuring high productivity;

Polyphosphorus and potassium water-soluble fertilizer series

phosphorus and potassium can chelate insoluble minerals into soluble medium and trace elements, providing a cost-effective option. Higher fertilization efficiency, slower hydrolysis and lower leaching than ternary acid water-soluble fertilizers, which can extend the fertilization period and reduce the application frequency.High concentration of Nuisance-free fertilization to create an atmosphere of green and organic agricultural products.